Le Chef Français is an agency specializing in bespoke luxury gastronomic service for your private and company events. We help our client’s fantasies come to life by creating unforgettable experiences & events with Michelin star chefs and talents of french gastronomy. The dedicated team of Le Chef Français offer his expertise to the choice of the most suitable chef, organize and carefully coordinating all details with the quality and requirement of a highly personalized service. Let us create the perfect experience or dinner events, we offer tailored support to produce unforgetable moments.



You are a company, a private client, a luxury actor who embody values of excellence, a travel or events agency… Whatever you can envision and dream, we can turn it into reality !

With our extensive experience and knowledge of gastronomy events, Le Chef Français offers at our clients exclusive and tailor-made gastronomic services. We are here to make your event experience extraordinary.

Each request start with a confidential interview in which our clients are invited to express their needs, their requirements and speak about the identity of their brand … Our team takes care of your wish, from the artistic concept, to the choice of the most suitable Michelin star chef, in going through the technical implementation, we organize and manage all the logistics necessary for the smooth running of your event.

  • Gala Dinners / Prestigious Receptions
  • Press Launch Events
  • Culinary Workshop
  • Product Launch Events
  • Weddings
  • Birthday Parties
  • Corporate & private lunches or dinners


Create bonds, emotion and inspiration with our unique conception of an experience.

  • A exclusive dinner « Meet the Chef » in the heart of Parisian Palace kitchen
  • “French Art de Vivre“ lunch in a Bordeaux vineyards
  • A initiatory discovery of mountain edible plants “Eat with the chef”.
  • Sharing a gastronomic experience on the rooftops of Paris, in a french manufactory of excellence or in amazing natural site…

… Live tailor-made & exclusive experiences.



Clémence Lenorman, from an early age has been surrounded by an artistic and creative world.
With a rewarding professional career as an artistic and executive producer of a famous French TV shows “CAVOUS” and others “LifeStyle” programs, she founded “Le Chef Français” with a unique leitmotiv; to offer a highly personalized service and design exclusive experiences with the elite of the French star chefs, to meet the expectation of a demanding and international clientele.

” Very young already, I had the chance to meet great starred chefs and taste their fine cuisines… Through my career, my knowledge and my love for gastronomy, I have created a very large network of chefs with a know-how unanimously recognized and talented artisans, with whom I have woven privileged links. Since a long time, I wanted to share these talented kitchens that I know so well through an exclusive service, a service that I would have liked to find as customers or luxury actors who embody values of excellence. And now it’s done!

It is with my team that we will fulfill all your wishes, we will bring you a made to measure solution to offer you the best and make each of your requests unforgettable. ”
Clémence Lenorman, Founder at Le Chef Français.


Hélène Castaigne - Directrice communication - Le Chef Francais

Communication Director

Maryline Bonis - Coordinatrice evenements - Le Chef Francais

Event Coordinator

Clémence Lenorman - Fondatrice & CEO - Le Chef Francais

Founder & CEO